My new obsession is a spiralizer! I am so excited to have discovered this nifty little device that lets me make ‘pasta’ out of vegetables!!!!

My trainer and friends have been talking about this for ages and I hadn’t got around to getting one – but now I have!

I dont normally like foods pretending to be other foods – like nut meat – what is that?! weird! but in this case there’s something really warming about sitting down to ‘spag bol’ or ‘pasta’ with sauce!

This is my spag bol:

image 3 image 2 spag bol

The photos of the finished product aren’t great (I don’t think i’ll make a food photographer anytime soon) but I gotta tell you it was yuuummmyyy and so so quick.

The other night I made another single batch with chorizo, roasted capsicum, pumpkin, and sweet potato with chilli, coconut oil, garlic and basil – it was also sooo good and took me 10 mins start to finish.

Now… I need a machine that will store it so I can do my pre-prepare thing … maybe a device that keeps food cool all the time… I think i’m on to something!


OMG How embarassment

So on the weekend I fell down the stairs in a major department store, not just a little slip but a crash, bang, wollop, legs and arms and body everywhere, ended up with matching bruises on the back of my legs and a sore stomach…

The stomach ache was just from laughing though and this was a huge win for me!

I am one of the most uncoordinated people I know, I always have been, I avoided things that involve hand and eye coordination for fear of making an idiot of myself, injuring myself or worse injuring someone else.

In the past, I’ve been ABSOLUTELY MORTIFIED when I do something embarassing, its human reaction that when someone falls over, hurts themselves etc we laugh… loudly! This used to embarass me even more!

Now, I sat on the stairs and laughed until my stomach hurt, still did the head whip around to see just how many people would have seen my blunder but I wasn’t all that mortified. I found it really funny!

I really liked this little quote I found, summises where i’m at at the moment:


Yes, I am sometimes uncoordinated but I can also cook a mean zuchini ‘pasta’ (more details to come on my new obsession with Vegie ‘pasta’ next post) and that’s ok.

Never start a day that you haven’t finished on paper.

Glossary for todays post:

Humble-brag: A form of self promotion where the promoter thinks he/she is, almost subliminally, bragging about themself in the context of a humble statement or complaint. Everyone listening thinks he/she is a jackass

Master-procrastinator: A person who has such skill in procrastinating it is considered a form of art. A veritable virtuoso of avoidance. A diabolical mastermind at delaying not just mere tedious tasks, but critical life advancing decisions. (thanks urban dictionary)

Stake: something good for you done as a result of breaking a self set deadline or guideline… its kind of like a punishment but I don’t like thinking of it as that.

People ask me often ‘How do you fit it all in?’

I have to say I’m often surprised by that question. I’m not trying to humble-brag (I LOVE that term) or being a Wanker – alot of the time I genuinely don’t consider myself busy.

Sometimes, I definitely feel really busy and overwhelmed – but that usually happens when I haven’t scheduled my time or when I don’t take the time each day just to chill.

I recently got back from a brief overseas holiday, within 4 days of getting back I’d moved house, unpacked, submitted an assignment for Uni and had a big thing at work happen succesfully… all throughout I wasn’t stressed about being busy.

Why not? I am a big believer in scheduling, I map out everything I’m going to do and when (allowing flow over time in case it takes longer) then I set myself a reward and stake for each thing. In the past, I’ve been a master-procrastinator by writing and re-writing my to do lists and then getting distracted by a Grey’s anatomy DVD that I just happened to put on. Now, because I’ve promised myself something at the end of getting a task done i’m keen to get started.

Take the ‘move’ weekend for example, I had booked a massage and I had to be moved, unpacked, organised for the week and uni assignment submitted or I was going to have to miss the massage – and I wasn’t going to let that happen! So, everything was done and I went to sleep Sunday night and slept like a baby!

So go on, bribe yourself – and watch your productivity soar!

The 50-odd lessons i’ve learnt so far…

Mammoth post today – this post is the first ever post I started. It’s inspiration was my sisters, in my notes page of my phone I wrote down little things that I wanted to tell them (as we’re all living our healthiest lives), then it took on a life of it’s own and now, well, its a really long list!

Most of these items people did tell me and many seem quite obvious but I had to learn them again and again and again until they finally sunk in – though I gotta’ be honest some of them I’m still learning (again and again and again).

  1. You will feel like a fool
  2. You will look like a fool
  3. Preparation is key
  4. Missing a box jump and scraping your leg down the side of the box HURTS
  5. Maintenance is key – Rolling, stretching, massages are just as important as your ‘training’
  6. Yoga is my friend (actually we’re still not friends lets say acquaintance for now)
  7. You will have backward steps
  8. Don’t take it too seriously
  9. Give it the importance it deserves (contradicts point 8 I know)
  10. Don’t use food as motivation or reward
  11. You will lie to yourself (see point 12 and point 9)
  12. A food diary is supposed to represent reality – not the hills scripted, constructed reality but REALity
  13. Squatting gives you a shelf bum – be proud of it
  14. At some point no matter what level you train at – you will have someone else’s blood, sweat or spit on you – wear it with pride – you’re team mates now
  15. Lifting weights will not make you big
  16. Lifting weights will not make you look like a man
  17. Lifting weights will not give you big shoulders
  18. Girls SHOULD lift weights
  19. Think about what you’re writing before you post on Facebook excitedly about your clean and jerk pb.
  20. Don’t look at other people’s facial expressions when working hard – it will make you realise what your own must look like!
  21. Always listen to your trainer/coach – like Mr Miagi – he/she knows best.
  22. The only exception to point 21 is – Don’t believe your trainer when she says everyone’s hard at work gym face resembles their sexy-time face – it makes things AWKWARD!
  23. You will be able to read your Nan’s old recipe book as you now know lb to kg conversions (or like me you have the ap)
  24. You will lose the ability to count.
  25. You will cry when you finally reach that f’n goal/do a pb
  26. You will cry when one of your team mates makes a lift/does a pb
  27. You will cry when a complete stranger smashes their pb at a comp (ok maybe that’s just me)
  28. RX’d means as per the instructions. I saw these extreme athletes writing rx’d and thought it was an adverb like ‘smashed it’ …”I rx’d it”. Then I thought it meant revved it, meaning they were doing even higher weights than the instructions were … No no it doesn’t mean either of those.
  29. You will have random bruises on your thighs, hips and forearms that you don’t know how you got them – best to explain your new training to loved ones prior to beginning to avoid unnecessary worry
  30. Wear a high neck shirt when doing cleans, jerks or press if the bar has a middle grip – this is something I still forget and have constant marks on my collar bone to remind me.
  31. High heels are NOT your friend
  32. It is possible to get a cramp in your butt – no really it is!
  33. A power snatch is not a shift of power nor is it something from Austin powers nor a voodoo lady part.
  34. As you improve …. everyone else is improving also.
  35. True rest is just as important as training day
  36. In saying that, the cure for soreness is to move.
  37. Build a team of people to support you!!! My team changes depending on my goal it always has my trainer plus it may be a friend who drags my arse out of bed it may be a chiropractor masseuse or naturopath.
  38. Your only real competition is yourself of yesterday
  39. No one is looking at you – if you’re looking at anyone else you are not working hard enough!
  40. Ask lots of questions so many that you’re driving everyone crazy – the more you make it sink into your head the best way for you – the longer it will stick.
  41. Technique is what will prevent injury – squat like gumby with a 10kg bar and you could still hurt yourself.
  42. There is such thing as a cross fit snob – they’ll want to compete on how hard core and back to basics their cf gym is – ignore them.
  43. Getting in and doing something even if you’re scaling the crap out of every wod is better than sitting on the couch.
  44. Strong core = strong lifts, actually strong abs equals strong pretty much everything!
  45. Your mind will give up looooong before your body will
  46. The only thing for certain (apart from death and taxes) is if you tell yourself you can’t do it – you won’t be able to do it.
  47.  Magnesium is also your friend
  48. You don’t need any equipment to have a good training session – stop making excuses.
  49. Success leaves clues, I might be on the opposite end of the scale to an elite athlete, but, emulating their key characteristics will help me achieve (my much more meagre) goals
  50. keep doing what you’re doing if it’s working, if it’s not – change it.

Who are you kidding??!! … Those little lies we tell ourselves

I’ve been awakened to raw food desserts! They are oh so scrummy yummy plus they’re dairy and grain free!

earth to table hazelnut

Hazelnut Bomb at Earth to Table – it’s da Bomb!

On the weekend, I took my new housemate to Earth to Table – A vegan Raw cafe in Bondi Junction. I’ve got to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of the main meals in vagan/raw places, they’re really nice they’re just missing meat in my opinion :). The desserts though … Oh. My. God – AAAHHHHMAAAAZING! Anyway, we had some absolutely delicious desserts and I ate waay too much! I told myself it didn’t matter so much because it was a ‘healthy’ pig out.


Passionfruit ‘Cheesecake’ and a lovely pot of tea – great way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Yes they’re made with love from all natural ingredients like nuts, cacao, coconut oil and coconut syrup but that doesn’t necesarilly make them ‘healthy’. Sure, they’re healthier than the alternative (a grain, sugar and dairy filled traditional cake) but they’re still a shite-load of good fats with a side-serve of sugar (even if it is ‘natural’).

It got me thinking…

Isn’t it amazing the little lies we tell ourselves, lies that have no victim except ourselves!

I am getting straight back on my desired nutrition path following my holiday, I deviate a little and instead of moving on I spend time justifying it in my own mind – for what?! I’m not fooling anyone and the only person I could be fooling is myself and what’s the purpose of that?!

Am I crazy? Am I lazy? Am I stupid? … nope I’m just plain human!

This week I’m really watching out for any little fibs I’m trying to slip into my brain … ‘ohhh you’re tired you’re body needs to rest’, ‘ohhhh but this pretty dress is on sale so really you’re saving money’, ‘ohhh there’s time to do it tomorrow’.

Really it’s not a big deal they are small things and one little cake really isn’t going to make that much difference, as long as it doesn’t snowball into lots of little cakes adding up into an entire cake – no matter how delicious it is!

earth to table caramel 2

Caramel ‘cheesecake’ is amazing – do I need to point out that these photos aren’t all from Saturday’s trip!

earth to table chilli

Earth to Table’s Chilli and Shepherd’s – yummo!





I’m baaack!

So it’s been 7 weeks since my last post! How did that happen?!

During my break, I thought of some great posts but then a little time had passed so I kept putting the posts off, then I thought too much time had passed (for what?!) – anyway – here I am, I’m back!

I didn’t consciously wake up each day and say ‘I’m not going to post today’ just as when I was overweight I didn’t wake up each day and say ‘today, I am going to have unhealthy habits, eat unhealthy foods and not do any exercise’ the point is I didn’t say ‘I am going to sit down and post on Sunday’ So, one week turned into seven or in the overweight example one week turned into an indefinite period of time till I reversed it.

No matter if your attention is on it or not, life does go on. A smart lady once told me that no matter where your focus is, in 6 months time you will end up SOMEWHERE, life will have continued on a path. Your thoughts and focus can direct your actions which direct your progression and you’re more likely to be closer to where you want to be n 6 months than if your progression has no conscious thought.

So next time I have something I want to share with y’all – i’ll schedule the time to post about it!

5 things that scare the pants off me!

This year one of my goals is to do five things that take me way out of my comfort zone – I’ve had a similar goal for the past few years and everytime I do one of them – good stuff happens.

This year my first scary moment was purely coincidental, I was in Hong Kong, I was slightly green due to some celebrations the night before and a group of us were going site seeing.

We went on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car a 5.6 KM ride each way, it gets its name ‘360’ because the ‘crystal cabins’ are made of glass/clear material!

Now before this, I would not have said I was afraid of heights but as soon as we went out over the water in this cabin I was FREAKING! sweaty palms, nauseous, head spins the whole bit and none of it was due to the hangover!

I was scared, it didn’t help that a breeze was coming in from little grates around the edge of the car and the car was swinging all over the place in the wind.

And – the trip is 25 minutes long there is no way of getting off, 3x it comes to the top of a hill you think its the end the car turns and there’s an even bigger hill in front of you.

The people I was with thought it was hillarious – I did not, I was walking back down the hill – there was no way I was getting back on that cable car.

Then something happened, I started to think about other things, concentrate on the horizon on the absolute beauty we were travelling past and I started to calm down, when we got off at the top to have a look around my legs were jelly but I was nowhere near as scared.

On the way back, though I only managed to look down a couple of times, my death vice grip on the hand rail eased and I actually enjoyed myself.

It’s truly amazing at what the mind can do.

Anyway, I havent found what the other 4 things to scare the pants off me are going to be but I hope they bring as much as the first! Any ideas?